This has been around for quite some time, however it has stood somewhere by itself in cyberspace and unless people have somehow stumbled upon it inadvertently, it has remained concealed from sight. Two reasons:

First: This is very personal and I have felt reluctant to disclose something which cuts so close to the bone. Now, today, I feel that I should. That it is time that I finally do so. I have disabled the links to a set of images named ‘Deconstructed’ which in the end I really did not wish to show. Maybe, someday, much much later I will do so. Today, I still cannot. The rest is intact.

Second: I am taking a huge liberty with Kristeva’s extraordinary text on ‘the Abject’, upon which the site is based. The way I am interpreting these words is not at all the way in which the author has meant for them to be read and I am well aware of this. I am not even sure about the copyright issues, to be absolutely honest – whether this would fall under ‘fair use’ or not. I came across the text 2 years ago, as part of a university course’s reading material and cited it in a conference paper on ‘uncanny valley’ avatars. However, the text has continued to haunt me. Has acquired a significance for me which has compelled me to interpret it further and further. Anatomia and body parts are also inspired by it, although I have never acknowledged this inspiration openly. I am doing so now.

I do not wish to talk much more about my obsession with Kristeva’s text on this post. There is a paper called ‘avatar-narcissus’ which I wrote some time ago and those interested in reading more can do so here.

All the images were taken in Second Life with my tribe of avatars playing the parts. Most of the images were more or less left in their raw Second Life state, however some of the ones entitled ‘Caged’ were also post-processed in photoshop. The three sound files are constructed from midi files by the Internet Renaissance Band which I combined with various sound effects and other music samples.

Both this site and The Tales of Ruysch are meant to be components of a huge interlinked domain of avatar tales consisting of many different tumblr sites. Some of these are already linked to abject.avatar, although they are still empty. Hopefully, I will fill them at some point.


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