First Things First!

Before all else, there are people that I need to thank for Syncretia:

I need to thank Hardwarehacker Hoch for having taught me how to play. I had completely forgotten how and Hack is the one who undertook my re-education, without which there is absolutely no way that it would even have occurred to me to conceive of Syncretia in the way in which I did.

I need to thank MosMax Hax for having inspired me to build. For having inspired me  – period!

I need to thank wolfgeng Hienrichs for having been Hack’s co-instructor in my playful education.

I need to thank Bettina Tizzy for having discovered Syncretia and having put it on the map of Second Life.

I need to thank Hamlet Au for having blogged about Syncretia, and the wonderful way in which he has done so.

And finally I need to thank Truthseeker Young, Suzanne Graves, Skills Hak, four Yip and Vry Offcourse for having made spectacular presents of their artistic output, now all rezzed at Syncretia.


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